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  • Deer Hunting Basics - Scent Control Products

    Deer can smell you and run if you don't take precautions to get rid of the human scent. These are some great scent control products that will help you keep your human scent down and your bag limit up!...
  • Shotguns for Spring Turkey Hunting

    A guide to buying the right turkey shotguns for spring turkey hunting.There are lots more options available today when buying shotguns for your spring turkey hunt than just a few years ago. Back in th...
  • Deciding on a Fixed Blade Broadhead

    A few tips to help you sort out the best fixed blade broadhead from the worst fixed blade broadheads.No matter how much time and money you spend picking just the right camo, Stands, blinds, bow, arrow...
  • September Bow Hunting

    Bow hunting is an area that I have just gotten involved in the past couple of years.
  • Still Hunting Deer From the Ground

    There are a lot of areas where working a climbing deer stand or other such tree stands and remaining un-noticed by the deer is near impossible.
  • Wild Game Meat Soaking

    Wild game meat can have a wild & gamey taste that many people do not like. The gamey taste can be tamed by soaking the wild game meat prior to cooking or freezing. This article gives the basics of soa...
  • Deer Hunting Basics - Part III

    The rut is mating season for deer, and the bucks senses are at their weakest. Bucks tend to be more active and venture out more often looking for does. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of...
  • Deer Hunting Basics - Scent Control

    Staying unnoticed by that whitetail buck you're hunting is very important to a successful hunting trip. Here are some tips that will help you keep your human scent down and your bag limit up. Scent co...
  • Deer Hunting Basics

    These are some simple deer hunting basics that can help you bag more venison. While they are simple, they are also often neglected which affects the success of the hunt whether you know it or not.
  • Calling the Wild Tom Turkey

    Some tips on calling in the wild Tom turkeys. No matter what turkey call you use this can be difficult. Here are some ideas to make your turkey hunt successful.
  • Best Crappie Fishing Tips

    I have tried to compile here my best crappie fishing tips. There are a lot of ways of crappie fishing.
  • Winter Bass Fishing Tips

    Wondering if you can catch those winter bass? Try winter bass fishing with these cold water tactics for largemouth bass.
  • Basic Sheepshead Fishing

    Often as those fisherman that are heading out to do battle with flounder, king mackerel, and other popular saltwater species, they see those that are sheepshead fishing along the bridge supports and o...
  • Fishing the Fall Spot Run

    Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes the spot (Leiostomus xanthurus). Somewhere between the last week of September and the first week of November the spot fishing starts picking up as th...
  • Shallow Water Spring Bass Fishing

    Spring bass fishing consists of three stages or phases, pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn.
  • Doodling Technique for Bass

    Doodling is a successful bass fishing technique if done correctly.
  • Hurricane Season Facts

    How does a hurricane form and build? Here is a brief answer to the storms build up as it travels across the sea.
  • River Bass Fishing Tips

    As a angler, has bass fishing a river ever crossed your mind? I overlooked this source myself till I gave the cape fear a try. Below are a few river bass fishing tips I’ve learned to be more successf...
  • Farm Pond Bass Fishing Tips

    Farm ponds do offer excellent potential for bass fishing. Anglers that normally fish the larger lakes and other heavily fished bodies of water will need to make adjustments to their fishing tactics as...