woodworking tips & ticks, Videos Articles, and Shop by Categories


    woodworking tips & ticks, Videos Articles, and Shop by Categories


    woodworking tips & ticks, Videos Articles, and Shop by Categories


    woodworking tips & ticks, Videos Articles, and Shop by Categories


How I built a workbench for woodworking out of dimensional 2x4's and 2x6's. Minus a few pieces of poplar used to make some leg wedges and select pine on the woodworker's vise, this workbench is made from spf. Come see how I did it.


A couple years ago, I decided I wanted to turn pens. The only lathe available to me was a Shopsmith lathe. The principle and basic operation of pen turning is the same on a Shopsmith, but the mandrel used is a little different...


These are pretty simple curtain rod holders made from wood, and can be made from scrap wood, or even a short piece of three dollar two by four. Sure beats paying $7 dollars for just a couple of unattractive metal ones.


What exactly is kerf and saw kerf? How do you set the kerf of a handsaw anyway?

who i am and what are my GOALS

Donald Mattews



Hello! My name is Donald Matthews, and I am a redneck! At least that’s what everyone calls me anyway. I’ve been hunting and fishing most of my life and have put a few of the things that I know work here on my website. In recent years I’ve gained a great interest in wood working. That interest has grown especially in the area of pneumatic wood carving. Because I can show you better what I do in video rather than text or pictures; you’ll find that a lot of my articles and posts revolve around videos from my youtube channel which can be found under the name of Donald Vlogsifys Wood Shop. Just click the name and my channel will open in a new window. Please take time to check it out and subscribe while you’re there.
I hope you enjoy Redneck Know How and continue to return. I update it with new content and ideas all the time. Below you’ll find a featured article and a link to the video. There’s also a wild game recipe at the bottom and a link to my other recipes. So kick your shoes off, make yourself at home, and enjoy!
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  • Deer Hunting Basics - Scent Control Products

    Deer can smell you and run if you don't take precautions to get rid of the human scent. These are some great scent control products that will help you keep your human scent down and your bag limit up!...
  • Shotguns for Spring Turkey Hunting

    A guide to buying the right turkey shotguns for spring turkey hunting.There are lots more options available today when buying shotguns for your spring turkey hunt than just a few years ago. Back in th...
  • Deciding on a Fixed Blade Broadhead

    A few tips to help you sort out the best fixed blade broadhead from the worst fixed blade broadheads.No matter how much time and money you spend picking just the right camo, Stands, blinds, bow, arrow...
  • Best Crappie Fishing Tips

    I have tried to compile here my best crappie fishing tips. There are a lot of ways of crappie fishing.
  • Winter Bass Fishing Tips

    Wondering if you can catch those winter bass? Try winter bass fishing with these cold water tactics for largemouth bass.
  • Basic Sheepshead Fishing

    Often as those fisherman that are heading out to do battle with flounder, king mackerel, and other popular saltwater species, they see those that are sheepshead fishing along the bridge supports and o...











Rustic Spice Rack 2x4 Contest Entry

Yup! I finally got it done. My entry for the SUMMERS WOODWORKING'S 3RD ANNUAL 2X4 CHALLENGE CONTEST....

2x4 Trash Talk

Time for Summer's Woodworking 3rd Annual 2x4 Competition! Yup, I'm workin on my first ever entry! Go...

Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 5

The final part of making the dice board and cup.Please visit the OFFICIAL Website of Donald Vlogsify...

Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 4

Putting an inlay of false dice into the center board. Staining and joining the frame to the center b...

Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 3

Making the mortise in the border of the board, and removing some dings and dents in them.

Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 2

Here's part deuce of the Dice Game Board from Aspen. Here I work on squaring the board some more and...

Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 1

So I had this aspen board that I bought because I loved the grain. It was calling out to be made int...

Picnic Table Ketchup and Mustard Holder part 4

The final part to this picnic table project. I finish the roof top, stain, and add a distressed pain...

Picnic Table Ketchup and Mustard Holder part 3

In this one we do assembly of the picnic table and start preparing for to add a roof. I took the bas...

Picnic Table Ketchup and Mustard Holder part 2

Here I get things centered and lined up and cut the holes for the ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper co...