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Hunting Know How is a relative thing. All hunting areas require different hunting styles and techniques. Any wild game you pursue will be wise and full of tricks to hide from you. Be it deer or elk hunting, wild hog hunting, or bird hunting; you will have to bring you “A” game and know how to catch the wild game while hunting.

I myself have searched wild game hunting magazines, big game hunting television shows and videos, and did the same for bird hunting, duck hunting, and wild hog. There are millions of hunting styles and techniques out there. Each strategy serves its purpose well if implemented properly fit the hunting land you may be using it on.

Wild hog hunting in particular can be a “hog” of a job to find the right technique and strategy. Not only are wild hogs very clever, they are also very dangerous. Many wild hog hunts end with severe injuries and no wild game. Hog hunting can be a tricky endeavor without the proper style of hunting, technique and strategy.
The right hunting equipment and supplies are also an essential part of the game. This is what I am here for. To give you wild game hunting tips that have worked well for me and the resources to the hunting supplies and equipment that you will need to make your next hunting trip a success whatever you may be hunting. Be it deer hunting, wild hog, bird hunting, or squirrel. I truly hope you read my hunting articles and that they help you be a more successful hunter.


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