Pneumatic Wood Carving

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First and foremost, you will defiantly need to wear eye protection when doing pneumatic wood carving. The bits for the pneumatic engraver are small and can break, and the speed at which the tool is spinning can throw the piece of the bit that breaks at a very high velocity. And that can cause some serious eye injuries. I also recommend a respirator or dust mask as a lot of dust is created by the wood carving process. Though I don’t use a dust mask in this video because it fogs up my eye protection and I made the personal choice not to wear dust protection.

The first step is to get your basic design onto the wood. I used a design I drew onto some notebook paper, then used carbon paper under that design and traced out the design onto the pieces I would be doing the pneumatic wood carving on. I then used one of the smaller straight carbide bits to trace around the basic pattern, cutting into the wood to get my design started.

After I got the tracing of the design done I switched to a smaller sized round end carbide bit to pull some of the wood away from where I traced. The videos tell what I do much better than I could ever explain. As I walk through everything I do step by step. So I invite you to watch my pneumatic wood carving in the Dovetail Box from Pallet Wood and Scraps series, starting here with part 3 which is posted below.

Pneumatic wood carving can be a very enjoyable and calming way to express yourself. I often lose track of time when I pick up the pneumatic engraver and begin wood carving, forgetting the world outside and enjoying what I’m doing.

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