Basic Woodworking Terms - KERF {aka Saw Kerf}

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What exactly is kerf and saw kerf?  How do you set the kerf of a handsaw anyway?

 In this video I try to answer this question. I go over what saw kerf is and explain a little about how the teeth are set on a hand saw blade. 
It came to me that many of us woodworkers throw certain terms; such as kerf or saw kerf; around and we all automatically know what they are and what they mean because we have been using them so long. We forget that people that are new to woodworking may not be familiar with our woodworking language and woodworking terms. Even though this is basic and simple stuff to us, it may not be to someone new to the craft. I hope to give new woodworkers and makers a little help by, as best I can, explaining some of the words and terms that we use so often.



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