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A New Beginning

It’s been a long 10 months as far as the wood shop goes. The place I was living at was going to be sold and I had to find a place to live. Those that know me also know I have liver issues and I’m on disability. Therefore money is always tight for me. Those that think a person receiving disability has it made are very wrong. It’s a very hard challenge living on the amount of money SSD provides. So finding a place to live on my own that wasn’t in a run down slum would be very difficult.

Luckily I have a very dear friend who was looking for a place too. She has been like a sister to me for many years. We talked about it and decided we could find a much better place together than we could on our own. At the time she had found a temporary place to stay. One room in a nice house, satellite tv, Internet, water and electric included in the rent. There was a room in the same house available so I took it.

That place was ok, clean and the landlord was cool. But the tv was the bare basics as was the Internet, which made for long uploads, and issues when more than one person was trying to use the computer to watch something besides what was on basic satellite tv. And the biggest problem for me, no place to use for a shop. Not even a place to store my tools. Therefore I had to put my tools in a storage unit and do my wood working out of the back of my truck. Running back and forth to the storage unit to swap out tools needed to work with. 

As you can imagine, that was very frustrating at times. But I knew it was temporary and we were working to get things together so when the right place came along we could move. Nothing ever works out the way you want. But sometimes there is a reason. In May 2017, our landlord messaged us that he was going to have to sell the house we were staying in and we would need to find another place. That was a surprise.

We began the frantic search to find a place. We didn’t think the landlord would try to throw us out on the street, but we knew legally there was a limit on the time we had. We looked at a few places, and applied for some. But alas, they always chose to give them to someone else. We were getting very stressed as time was running out.

One day while coming home I noticed a “FOR RENT” sign on a house that was actually only 3 houses down from where we were. I stopped, looked at the outside, took pics. As I rounded the back yard, there it was. A beautiful 15 by 15 building with an air conditioner sticking out the window. I sent the pictures to my roommate and she called about it. I went to the realtors office the next day to ask about it and try to apply and at least set up a time to look inside. But they said they couldn’t until some things in the house were fixed.

Finally, after a week or so they called and said I could view it. We really liked it, it was perfect for what we could afford as far as rent. I filled out the application and the process began. They called me and told me it was ours. We weren’t quite ready to come up with deposits and stuff. But we managed to scrape it together. Money will be tight for a couple months. But we got our home and I have my wood shop.

Now we are moved in and my tools are in the shop. Still a lot of work ahead of us. The furniture is in but a lot is still in boxes needing to be unpacked. My tools and stuff from my old wood shop is in the building but I mostly just set things in there till I had more time to organize and get the shop set up. But soon I will finally have a place to do my woodworking. 



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