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It's Halloween and I need a chisel cabinet. So why not build a chisel casket?

It was time for WOmadeOD (Made in wood) to have it's Hallowood15 woodworking challenge. It's hosted by Mitch Peacock over at WOmadeOD. Please check his youtube channel out at https://www.youtube.com/user/WOmadeOD So I built a chisel caninet.. or should we say chisel coffin... to enter into the contest. I want to thank Mitch for hosting the challenge and to all the sponsors for the prizes they put up for it.


Chisel Casket Cabinet 

This build was fun, but not quite as trouble free as the Jack-O-Lantern Birdhouse project. I ran into some trouble putting the angled dovetails into the pallet wood I was using to build the chisel cabinet with. Pallet wood is dry and splits very easily do to the heat treatment used to preserve it. Therefore I making dovetails was difficult. Every time I took the mallet and chisel to it, it would split and cut deeper than I wanted. Oh the woes of woodworking.

Because of this splitting, I ended up having some gaps in the dovetails. Now granted, I'm not very experienced at doing dovetails and that didn't help either. This being a shop project, I decided to experiment and practice on the corners with angled dovetails. Angled dovetails being a woodworking challenge to begin with, the dryness of the pallet wood made it a little more difficult.

But I learned and gained experience and skill. That's what's great about shop projects. Though you do want to do you're best, there's room for error because it is to be used in the shop and not necessarily meant to be pretty. And this is a Halloween project, meant to look like a wicked casket. In this case the gaps and imperfections added to the effect I was going for. I wanted it to look like something you would expect something evil to come out of.

The video of the build is below, I do hope you enjoy. And a word of caution. This is a Halloween video, it is meant to scare you silly.Take head that there are a few startling moments. Those with weak hearts may not wish to view it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! keep the kids and yourselves safe!

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