Jack-O-Lantern Birdhouse Project

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The Jack-O-Lantern birdhouse was my second entry for the
Summers Woodworking's Birdhouse Challenge 2015.

The final product of the Jack-O-Lantern Birdhouse Project build. It being October, I decided to do something for Halloween. So I came up with a Jack-O-Lantern birdhouse. I hope you like it. Thank you Brian for hosting the challenge, and thank you to the sponsors for putting up all the prizes. Good luck to all who enter the challenge.

This was a very enjoyable build. Everything came together right and there were very few problems while building it. A lot of times when you're doing woodworking things just don't go as planned. Either the tools don't do what you hoped they would. Or like happened in my Chisel Casket build, the wood just doesn't want to cooperate with what you're trying to do.

But that's all part of the joy of woodworking isn't it? Gaining the skill to work around problems that are bound to come up. But the Jack-O-Lantern birdhouse came together great. It was built out of some pallet wood I had laying around. A couple of wide pine pallet wood boards I managed to salvage without damage while tearing apart the pallet.

The video of the Jack-O-Lantern birdhouse project build is below. I hope you watch and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building this birdhouse.

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