Mini Picnic Table Ketchup Holder

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Everything you'll need to build your own mini picnic table condiment holder or any other
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My miniature picnic table condiment holder build. A video series from start to finish.

Woodworking project - Picnic Table Ketchup Mustard Salt and Pepper Holder

My brother in law saw a pic of a mini-picnic table ketchup and mustard holder on Pinterest. He asked if I could build him one that could hold the salt and pepper as well. Of course I can. And in true redneck know how style added my own input into the design.

I googled google, searched Pinterest, and scoured youtube to find what woodworking miracles people had performed to build this tiny little picnic table. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but needed more information on how to put the legs together along with how to keep the ketchup, mustard, salt, and pepper shakers from falling through the mini picnic table.

I finally came across a very helpful video offered by Jay Bates. Please check out his youtube channel, he has a lot of helpful project videos and suggestions. Here’s the link to his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7XY-W_C84cW2MNqujgFpg. There I got the angle I would need for the legs and the basic idea of how to put the legs and supports under the mini picnic table. Thank you Jay! I’m terrible at math.

I did a little research on wood and decided to go with poplar. I knew the picnic table would likely be spending some time outside on the deck by the grill. So I wanted a wood that would be pretty stable. Even though it’s a small woodworking project, our weather here in North Carolina tends to run a high humidity during the summer. So even this small picnic table is likely to swell, expand and contract with the weather.

I also had to consider the finish he wanted me to put on the finished project. He wanted an old weathered paint look with the wood showing through. And I knew I’d need to seal it to protect it. Poplar seemed to have a good measure of stability in regards to movement and ability to take the finish I would need to apply. So off to the lumber store I went and bought a ¾ by 6 inch poplar board and a ¼ by 6” board.

I got the thinner board so I could put a roof on this mini picnic table. Originally there was going to be an umbrella as the cover for this little wood working project. But those miniature umbrellas were a bit hard to find. Then I was going to carve one out of wood, but the more I though it through, the more I realized that it just wouldn’t work well with the dimensions I’d be using for the mini picnic table ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper holder.

I remembered being at a pig picking in my youth. There I sat most of the night with friends, drinking beer, and swapping the stories that rednecks tell at a picnic table with a wood shingled roof over it. And there it was. The plan for my mini picnic table. I’d use the thinner board to make a roof with a shingled effect to it. And you know what happens with the best laid plans of mice and rednecks. Hehehehe… I didn’t get enough of the thin board, and had to rip some more from the thicker board. Which turned out to be a good thing. The contrast between the two boards looked lovely.

But first I had to get started on the mini pic table, lay out the ketchup and mustard bottles along with the salt and pepper holders. Find the center, find the center of left of center. And center of right of center… etc.. etc…. And that’s where the video play list below begins to tell the rest of the story. Please watch, please enjoy, please thumbs up and subscribe. And have a lovely day!! And after the videos, get out and do some woodwork! Peace!

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