September Bow Hunting

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Bow hunting is an area that I have just gotten involved in the past couple of years. So, I'm by far no expert.

But there are a few things I have learned in my small amount of time at it.

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Deer season in most places opens sooner for bow hunters in some area than it does for the deer hunter that uses guns, and muzzle loaders. I must admit, this is one thing that has peaked my interest in archery. One thing you have to remember is that it is likely to still be hot. September temperatures can still reach into the upper 80's and in my state of North Carolina, 90's are not at all uncommon. So the early season bow hunter has to dress for warmer temps, but also he or she must also make sure the stay hidden from the deer. Many options are available. I recommend one of the charcoal liner suits. One thing to remember is not to wear cotton apparel, as it is very poor at dealing with moisture.

And the warmer temperatures in September will also mean that the bow hunter will have to be on the lookout for snakes. It hasn't gotten cold enough for them to go into hibernation, so, they are still out and ready to strike at those that encroach into their territory. Keep a good snake bite kit in your pocket, and stay aware of your surroundings. As well as a cell phone or some kind of communication just in case you get hurt and can't travel far. Make sure you turn it off while hunting, even the vibration mode might cause sound that you can't hear, but a buck might. Just have it for emergencies.

Though deer don't move as much in the warmer temps, they still have to travel about a bit. Just not as far or as much as they do in colder temperatures. They still move while foraging though, and this could give you the opportunity to make a kill, and start filling you freezer with this season's deer meat. The bow hunter has to learn and take into account these different movement patterns that the deer have in the September bow hunting season.

By September, most deer have shed their winter coat and are ready for the colder temps that will be coming on soon. And the warmer temps that linger on tend to make them uncomfortable, and the more they move about the more uncomfortable the deer get. But they must eat, so eventually they have to move about and forage for food. Usually it will be either early morning, or late in the day toward sundown. They do tend to arrange their pattern of movement so that they don't have to move any more than possible. This is important information for the early season bow hunter, as during the hotter temperatures deer tend to bed close to food sources. Find the food sources, and you know that if there is deer, they are nearby. Just make sure when setting up your stand, or while getting to and in it, you don't spook any deer, that may be as close as 25 to 75 yards from the food source.

Another thing to consider when bowhunting for deer in September is odor control. You are going to be sweating, there's no way around it. And deer will notice this. It is recommended that you, along with washing you cloths in the scent cover products, that you also apply sent cover to your body both before you start walking to your stand, and after you get in your stand. Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way has a deodorant and body spray that I put on before I even put on my hunting apparel. After I get into my stand I apply a scent cover up spray, paying particular attention to my armpits and groin areas. I even spray around my boots real good, as I know what my feet smell like after a good sweat, I know the deer will pick up on it, even with them covered up in my boots.

Some early season bow hunters swear by using sex attractants in early fall, even as early as the first week in September. I've had no success with it myself. Personally I think that the temps play a role in when deer go into the rut. And putting these scents down before the weather really cools, alerts the bucks that something odd is going on.

And the last thing I can convey is to stick it out. It's easy to get disheartened when it's hot, you're sweaty, and the mesquites and knats are swarming around your face. But persistence and patience is a must when deer hunting in hot weather.

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