Doodling Technique for Bass

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Doodling is a successful bass fishing technique if done correctly.

Bass doodling can produce big largemouth when no other bass fishing technique works. Below are some tips for successful bass doodling.

Doodling is a fishing technique best used on suspended bass when the water is clear and deep. However it can be used on not so deep water as long as the water is clear to stained.

When doodling for bass a 6 foot, medium-light rod is recommended. Bait casting reel for 10 pound test and up, spinning reel for 6 to 8 pound test. Place a small glass bead between the worm and the brass sinker. And use the Texas Rig style to avoid hang ups.

A 4 to 4 and a half inch worm on 1/0 hook, or a 3 inch grub on size 1 hooks are best suited for doodling for bass. Make sure your hooks are sharp to insure maximum hook up potential. Some good brands will be found below that are good and sharp right out of the package.

Paddle tail worms seem to work best when doodling for bass in the spring. But doodling for bass is best done with straight tail worms in the fall. Bass doodling on deep structure should be done with a 3/16 ounce weight and a 5/32 ounce weight on suspended bass.

How to do it.....

Let the bait sink to the desired depth, then shake your rod tip to get the fishes attention. Now just wait about 30 seconds. Shake the rod tip again for a couple seconds. Stop then pull the worm up about 6 inches. Now slowly let it drop back and repeat. If the bass don't respond, slow the technique down a bit. If you feel a bit of a pull, it's likely a bass has taken the bait. Set your hook at this or anything else that feels different.

Bass doodling is best done with a purple worm or grub on overcast days and in deep water. Motor oil works good in summer and fall as it resembles the small shad and fingerlings found in the shallows which turn black in deeper water. Browns and reds are good in spring when doodling for bass. The more stained the water, the darker the color is a good rule to go by.

When doodling for bass in the spring fish uphill either from shore or position your boat in the shallows and cast deep. Use a 1/8 ounce weight doing this. And reverse it when bass doodling in the fall. Make sure your presentation is correct when doodling for bass. Most strikes while doodling are not reaction hits so a poorly rigged worm and its presentation will drop the chance of a bite to nothing. Also a long sweeping hook set works better than a snap hook set as the snap hook set will drop slack and often allow a poor hook set to drop out of the fish’s mouth.

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