Pine Wood Jewelry Box pt 4: Box Joint

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Everything for making the box joint!

Still building that pine wood jewelry box, now I’m trying my skills at the box joint.

In woodworking joining is important. I’ve tried my hand at half blind dovetails, now I’m on to the box joint. Since pine wood is soft, you have to be particularly careful to get the wood joint tight and keep it tight. The more you try to fit and re fit the box joint, the more you are compressing the wood fibers which will cause gaps.

You will see in the video that I cut a little bit too deep in a couple spots of the pine wood, which I will show how I patched in a later video. I’m a beginner at the box joint, or any joint for that matter. That’s what this is about, my journey in learning woodworking. You can’t learn without making mistakes, and an important part of learning is figuring out how to fix those mistakes. They do happen, especially in pine wood when making something like a jewelry box that requires such things as a box joint.

So, I’m going to show you how I did it. Maybe you will learn from my mistakes in the pine wood jewelry box and avoid them yourself when making your endeavor into making a box joint.

This video is a long one, I wanted to get everything in this one and avoid having two or three parts of me cutting the box joints for one pine wood jewelry box. Yet I didn’t want to cut too much out so that you miss part of what I did.

So let’s get to the woodworking! I hope you enjoy and get something from this video on making the box joint in my pine wood jewelry box.

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