Woodworking: 2x4 Rustic Spice Rack

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A rustic spice rack build for a 2x4 wood building contest.

 Rustic Spice Rack: Made completely from a 2x4 SPF board.

A rustic spice rack from a single 8 ft. 2x4? Can it be done? It can! It was all part of the Summers Woodworking’s Third Annual Creative 2x4 Competition 2015. The challenge is to see how creative people can be limited to building from a single 8 ft. 2x4 SPF. Other materials can be used, but the project must be 80% of the 2x4.

It was a great deal of fun and I really enjoyed the building of this spice rack. But they call these things challenges for a reason. It was quite challenging. But I pulled a project off. And so did several other people. It was a joy to watch all the creative ideas that my fellow contestants came up with.

I’ve been doing Youtube videos for a while now but just recently started my woodworking channel. The people in the woodworking community are some of the nicest people I’ve talked to in my whole Youtube journey, and creative and talented beyond belief.

I’m not one that gets into doing many challenges or contests like the 2x4 challenge. I tend to work slow and at my own pace especially since I’m really just learning many of the skills of woodworking. But I look forward to doing this again next year.

Even though the rustic spice rack is a fairly simple design, but still challenging to get everything cut from a 2x4. I say the spice rack was a design, but in fact it was just an idea I had in my head. I figured everything else out as I went along. I admire those that can take an idea and be able to put it on paper first. I just can’t seem to do that. I have to have the wood in my hands and working it to see what I need to do to the 2x4 or other boards of wood.

Please visit Brian’s Youtube channel, Summers Woodworking’s. He turns some amazing ink pens on the lathe. Also check out his website, http://www.summerswoodworking.co/entries.html to view all the great video entries for submitted to the competition on his website.

And a big thank you to all the sponsors that offered some great prizes!







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