Woodworking: Pine jewelry Box Project

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Chisels are a must for anyone who loves woodworking. And absolute necessity for making half-blind dovetails. I have some of my father's old chisels that I use for things like halfblind dovetails. But I find myself wanting better quality. I'm saving up for a set, and these are the ones I plan to get.If I'm going to invest money into a tool or set of tools, I want the best. And there's no better name for tools in wood working than STANLEY!
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Here we go onto the halfblind dovetail sockets!

I'm really enjoying myself with this woodworking project. No plans, just the pine jewelry box project I have envisioned in my head.

I know, anything that comes from my head even sounds dangerous. lol Nope, but I sure did some damage to myself while working these halfblind dovetails. Whacked myself good with the hammer as you'll see in the first part of the video. Was trying to hit the wood chisel but my hand got in the way. But hey, this is woodworking and rarely is anything really learned without at least a little pain.

However, I do advise you if you decide to give halfblind dovetails a try; be careful. That hammer hurt. lol And yes, I nicked myself a time or two with those chisels. Which is not hard to do with my chisels because I keep them extremely sharp.

When woodworking, sharp tools are very important. In fact it's imortant in anything you do that requires cutting. Especially woodworking. You'll cut yourself 10 times more and far worse with a dull wood chisel than you will if the tool is sharp.

So always keep your wood working chisels sharp!

Let's get on to the woodworking and the video.
Pine Jewelry Box Part 3 Half-Blind Dovetail Sockets pt.1


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