Woodworking: Pine Jewelry Box pt.2 b

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Woodworking with the chisel is fun!!

It can be a painful part of making dovetails too. You gain a whole new respect for those that worked with wood before power tools. I whacked my hand with the hammer just a couple times making these half-blind dovetails. Nicked myself a time or two when the chisel slipped as well. Note: I did not put them all in the videos.

I can truly say I put my blood and sweat into making this jewelry box. I can only imagine the nicked and callused hands of the wood craftsmen from centuries ago as they made their dovetails and tenon joints. I did at least have the option of using the power tools later on in the project.

I did indeed have fun though while making these half-blind dovetails by hand. I now have the know how to continue woodworking even through times with no power. There's something special in wood. Something special about working it. I can go there and lose myself in the grain of the wood and forget, just for a bit, my problems and the troubles of the world.


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