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Woodworking can be difficult. Especially when working with pine wood.

Ever work on a project in which you're doing something new to you and things just don't go right?

[caption id="attachment_644" align="alignleft" width="150"]Woodworking Pine Wood Jewelry Box Project The completed pine wood jewelry box, dovetail and all.[/caption]

I guess it’s all part of the learning process. But it’s hard to accept that when you’re excited and eager about a woodworking project. You have a vision in your head about how things should go. You have big plans and a picture in your mind of how perfect it will be. Such is the case with this pine wood jewelry box.

You see, I have a very basic knowledge of wood work. My father taught me the basics that every young boy should know. But Pop won’t no cabinet maker. He could have been, don’t get me wrong. But with 5 kids and a business to run, he was more likely to slap to boards together with nails and screws rather than try to fiddle with any dovetail joint, or other such woodworking joints.

I’ve always loved wood work, and now have time to learn how to make and use the dovetail. So I created my youtube channel with the intention of sharing with others my progress in expanding my woodworking skills. I had grand ideas of showing that you didn’t need a lot of money and equipment to craft wood. Then the mistake. Well, less of a mistake and more of not knowing any better. I tell you more of that in the video.

I think I’ll add one more goal to why I created the wood shop channel, to show others who wish to expand on their skills of woodworking that mistakes will be made. Having to start over will happen. To redo is inevitable. And maybe the truest art to wood work is to be able to camouflage your mistakes.

So please watch my woodworking pine wood jewelry box video series on youtube and please subscribe to my youtube channel because there will be more wood work to come.

Woodworking Pine Wood Jewelry Box Part 1


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