Archery: Bow Hunting Safety Tips

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Archery: General Bow and Arrow Hunting Safety Tips

Archery is fun even if you’re not bow hunting. But just because it’s not powered by gun powder doesn't mean a bow and arrow and the gear that goes along with the sport isn’t just as dangerous and possibly deadly.

You can kill with an arrow just as easily as you can with a bullet, so the bow and arrow must be treated with the same respect as a gun and bullet. The same basic safety rules must be observed with archery as apply to firearm shooting. Shooting accidents while bow hunting do happen from time to time. And are usually accidents that could have been avoided if some simple bow hunting safety had been observed.

First and foremost, make sure your bow is in top notch working condition. Keep the bow string well maintained and be sure there are no weak points that can break under the stress caused by the tension of the pull. Make sure the cams and all other parts of the bow are in good working order and well maintained. If unsure, have it checked by a professional where you buy your bow hunting gear locally.

The gear that goes along with your bow is equally important. Make sure all arrows are straight and true. If using a mechanical release, make sure it is in proper working condition. Nothing in archery can ruin the fun of the bow and arrow like an injury cause by an arrow being released before it should be.

Before shooting an arrow, be sure that the path to the target and beyond is clear of people and structures that might be damaged. Always be sure there is something behind the target to stop the arrow, never shoot over the horizon, be sure the arrow stops before it leaves your eyesight.

Never shoot an arrow in the general direction of another person; it can be easily deflected by a small tree branch or other object that you may not see. Never shoot an arrow straight up into the air as the arrow can easily pierce a person’s skull likely killing them and certainly causing brain damage.

Only carry arrows in a nocked position when slowly approaching game, and never nock an arrow in front of someone. Always raise your bow and quiver into your tree stand with a haul line.

A lot of injuries are caused by an arrow's broad head. Broad heads are exceptionally sharp, and should be kept that way for proper hunting. But, their sharpness creates a safety problem when handle wrong.

There is a special wrench used for screwing on broad heads, always use it as it covers the blades of the broad head as you tighten them. Just a slight slip of your finger can cause a serious wound. When sharpening broad head blades, always push or stroke the blade away from your hands and body. Keep broad heads in a quiver while walking to and from the field. The broad head can remain in the animal or game, so use a great deal of caution when dressing your game, and be sure you find all parts of the broad head.

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