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Dove hunting tips to make your dove hunting more successful and trouble free.

Opening day of dove season is a tradition for many dove hunters around the country. By mid-August a dove hunter has his mind on things and gear that will make his dove hunt more successful.

And we'll spend a lot of time, more than we will ever admit, planning opening day of dove season. However, no matter how much a dove hunter plans his dove hunt, problems will arise that can ruin opening day even for the best and most experienced of dove hunters. So I'm going to discuss how to prevent, and cope with some of the dove hunting problems that may come up and threaten to ruin opening day of dove season, or any day you choose to set out into the fields hunting dove.

Before we get to actual dove hunting, let's talk about our dove shooting skills. One thing I cannot emphasize enough, be it dove hunting or any other kind of hunting, is practice your shooting. Any practice you get before opening day of dove season will only help your chances of a successful dove hunt, and increase the number of dove you bag. It can mean the difference between one or two birds, or your limit of dove. And simply tacking a target up and getting good grouping of shots isn't going to make you better at dove hunting.

You need practice that will simulate the overhead, incoming, and passing shots that will be required during dove hunting season. And practicing those passing shots at 20, 30, even 40 yard distances is essential. And the best way to do this is with clay targets or skeet shooting. Most dove hunters take shots at distances that he or she thinks is closer than what they actually are. And it is a must for dove hunting to know what your target looks like at the far edge of their shotguns effective range in order to make the correct decision about when to shoot at a dove and when to wait for a better attempt.

Before dove hunting the dove hunter should pattern their shots at those distances of 20, 30, and 40 yards. And using the dove hunting loads you will be using while dove hunting during the season. Even the most seasoned dove hunter will tell you they get rusty between dove seasons and have to practice and pattern their shots to avoid missing their dove.If the shotgun you will be using to dove hunt has interchangeable chokes then pattern with both the modified tubes as well as the improved cylinder. Knowing how your shotgun patterns with your dove hunting load is important information to have while dove hunting, and vital to making your dove hunt successful.

Dove have a tendency to become educated. If a dove hunter misses one while dove hunting. After dove season has been opened for a while, all those dove that hunters have missed get smarter and even harder to hit. So practicing your dove hunting skills can only improve the dove hunting for yourself as well as other dove hunters throughout the dove hunting season. The better your shooting skills, the less educated dove fly off becoming harder to shoot. Something else the dove will begin to get smart about is the concealment and movement during the dove hunt. It is an added challenge to the dove hunter to search for dove that fly under the tree line, making it difficult for the dove hunter to pick out the dove from the trees. Learning not to miss these shots while dove hunting will also prevent the education of the dove. Remember, the more dove you miss, the more that fly off and learn more about how to avoid the dove hunter.

And when it comes to concealment and dove hunting, it's important that the dove hunter gets educated about his own concealment during dove hunting season. The camo of today has come along way in hiding the dove hunter during his hunt. The light weight and moisture-wicking material today’s camo is made of has brought the dove hunter along way from the miserable sweaty days we use to spend dove hunting with our fathers and grandfathers. It will help your dove hunting experience immensely to check out the area you will be dove hunting in and match the camo you will wear to the surroundings as best you can. Sit in a patch of corns stalks in dark green camo and you'll stick out like a sore thumb while dove hunting. Make sure you wear long sleeves; the light weight camo of today won't let you get as hot as the stuff from way back when. And I advise a head net while dove hunting.

About a week before you go dove hunting, it will help you a lot to go to the area you will be dove hunting and plan when you and other dove hunters will be hunting. Watching how the sun rises and sets in these areas will also help you in choosing your camo for the dove hunt. Now here is where you need to decide on where to set up to dove hunt. A lot depends on how many hunters will be dove hunting with you. If you are dove hunting alone or with just a couple other hunters then you will need to know more about how the dove fly the field. Learn where the dove come into the field. Should you be dove hunting alone or with just a buddy or two in the afternoon, try setting up near a watering hole. The dove will use the water, and you can find a lot of action during the dove hunt. Also, advance scouting of roost spots, and setting up near them can make for a good afternoon of dove hunting as the dove come in from feeding and watering. If you are hunting with several hunters, then the dove will fly erratically when the shooting starts, and there is a better chance of each dove hunter getting kills.

Some other things to consider while dove hunting; is to bring extra shells. Decide on how many shells you think you might need on your dove hunt and double it. Make sure everybody has their plugs in their shotguns while dove hunting. A ticket for an unplugged shot gun can ruin an otherwise prefect dove hunt. And make sure you have water, sun block, and insect repellent. I hope this article has helped give you some ideas of what to prepare for before opening day of dove season. The best way to have an enjoyable and successful dove hunt is to prepare for everything ahead of time. And please click on my sponsors and check them out. All have a great selection of dove hunting gear as well as camo and other hunting and shooting needs. May your dove hunting be bountiful!

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