Wood Carving - Pneumatic Engraver Pt 4

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Wood Carving With a Pneumatic Engraver Part 4

In this video, which is the 4th part, I start shaping the flowers and other shapes in the wood with the pneumatic engraver. I get asked a lot what size carving bit I use to do each thing. This is a hard question to answer because there are a lot of variables in each wood carving I do.

Which bit I use in the pneumatic engraver depends on what I’m about to carve, size of the particular feature of the wood carving I’m doing, type of wood and how the grain runs in the wood. It’s a judgment call made at the time of the wood carving process. And is something that comes with practice, trial and error. It’s kind of like asking a painter what size brush he’s going to use on a painting he has yet to paint.

While I certainly don’t consider myself a great artist, by any means; there is a certain level of artistic creativity that leads to the choice of bit and bit size while wood carving. As you work with the pneumatic engraver and use its bits in practice, you develop your own style. You also develop knowledge, or feel for how the type of wood and the grain of that wood will shape.

Mistakes will be made while wood carving with a pneumatic engraver, or with any carving tool for that matter. I was once told that the greatest artistic achievement is to cover the mistakes or, at least make them look like they are supposed to be there and go unnoticed. Again, that too is something that comes with practice and experience. One thing about wood carving flowers and plants; nature is very forgiving with mistakes. In nature, no flower blooms without blemish, but the surrounding beauty hides it well.

Wood Carving - Pneumatic Engraver Pt 4


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