Preparing For Bow Hunting Deer Season

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Tips on how to make the best bow hunting preparations for the upcoming deer bow hunting season.

One of many reasons hunters choose to bow hunt for deer is the fact that the bow hunter gets a jump on hunting before those using guns can get started hunting. However this means relearning how to scout your hunting area trying to find the best spot for the deer stand or blind that you'll be bow hunting from.

You won't find deer in the same place or doing the same things in August and September as they are doing during the November rifle season when the woods are being scoured by deer hunters in search of that big buck. Buck's and doe do many things they'll never be found doing in the fall. It is the wise bow hunter that recognizes this, and learns how to adjust to the different hunting situation and is prepared for it, that finds himself feeding on deer meat early in the deer bow hunting season. When bow season rolls around, the deer are still sticking to their summer patterns, and are as predictable as they'll get.

They go from their bedding areas, to the feeding areas, to get water and back to the deer's bedding spot during this part of the deer hunting season. And this is done by the buck and doe alike at the same general times every day without much change. Thus a well prepared bow hunter, hunting between the bedding areas, and the deer's food and water is likely to have a good shot at the deer.

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And that's the trick! To learn how to discover where the deer are feeding and the path they use to get from there to the bedding area that the deer use through the middle of the day. Then the bow hunter should stake his spot, and place his or her deer stand or blind along that path where a buck is likely to pass by and get within the range of the bow hunter.

First scout the woods to learn how to find the food that the deer eat. This can be a number of things dependent on the area you are bow hunting for deer, and this can change several times during the deer bow hunting season. Look for such food sources as corn, fruits such as apples, pears, and other agricultural crops common to being deer food. Try to find these places and the routes used by the deer in late July to early August. Then hang your deer stands or set up your blinds and leave them be for the next few weeks. Don't go back until it's time to hunt the deer.

Watching the fields and other cultivated areas can help a lot by telling you when the deer enter and then head back for the bedding area. This will give a lot of info on when to be in your stand for the hunt the first weeks of deer bow hunting season. As a deer bow hunter, you'll want to know how to catch the deer coming into the feeding area, so have your stand or blind close to the feeding area and stay away from where the deer are bedding. Anywhere from 20 to a 100 yards from the feeding area is good. Use your own judgment based on you bow hunting ability.

Another good idea during deer bow hunting season is to have multiple stands set up so you can adjust for changing wind condition while deer hunting. One thing for sure, trying to find buck sign this early in the deer hunting season is an effort in futility. The deer antlers are felted up and have little to no interest in marking territory until autumn is just upon them.

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