My Beloved Walking Dead

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The Rednecks thoughts about the Walking Dead

Being a redneck myself, most would probably think I could relate to Daryl Dixon more than any of the other characters.

Which, I do relate to him on many levels. The moonshine and crossbow come to mind and general lifestyle characteristics of a redneck are just things I cannot deny. A redneck is going to survive given what’s at hand and make do with the same. But many things Daryl has experienced I just can't really relate to. I had two wonderful parents that worked hard to support us. If anything I may have a few minor emotional scars because they didn't have much time to do anything but work; minus the occasional weekend at the beach which were far between each other. My brothers and sisters were and are wonderful and our relationships are good. A far cry from the dysfunctional relationship Daryl and Merle Dixon shared. But on an emotional and mental level, I relate more to Rick Grimes. We both have spent many a year going through life with “rose colored glasses” on. Much of our younger years were spent with an idea that life is about ideals, honor, honesty, and a certain standard that all people should follow. Like Rick Grimes, while not blinded to the fact that there are bad people out there; I held a false idea that most people shared a basic good and honor in them. Click now to get PREPARED! Over the years, through things I’ve experienced, I’ve come to know that those ideals just aren’t present in a growing number of people anymore. Life for most is about “me”; far less about us, and damned whoever else may get hurt. These things have altered me mentally and emotionally. I find it hard to trust people and easy to be distrusting and suspicious of everyone. Almost to the point of what could be called insanity. While I've hardly experienced the traumatic events of a zombie apocalypse, like Rick Grimes; or even the horror of combat in war as many soldiers have. Life has left its scars in me. Though, when my trust has been earned by those few that can; I am protective and loyal. I will go to the ends of the Earth to defend them. And have no regret harming those that harm the ones I love. Just a moment of sharing about my beloved Walking Dead series.
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