Pneumatic Relief Carving in Wood

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Using a pneumatic rotary tool instead of a Dremmel tool.

Wood carving with a pneumatic engraver.
Wood carving with a pneumatic engraver.

There was a time when many wood carving tools were required. But now a simple Dremmel, or pneumatic rotary tool can be used to do most relief carving in wood. And oh boy is it much easier and effective than with the wood carving tools of the past. I prefer wood carving with air tools.

The pneumatic rotary tool carves wood with much more detail than the Dremmel tool can. The air tool also rotates at a higher speed which allows you to achieve a wood burned effect if desired that just can’t be easily achieved with an electric rotary tool. And the pneumatic engraver is much lighter, so your hand won’t tire so easily.

I still use the Dremmel tool to remove larger area of wood from the relief carving I’m working on, such as the background. It has larger bits and can remove the wood over larger areas better and quicker. But when I get into the more detailed shaping of the designs, the pneumatic rotary tool is one of the best wood carving tools to use.

As the video below shows; which is part of a series of videos I made while making a birthday present for a friend of mine; you can print your design onto an adhesive paper and stick it to your wood. Then use a straight bit on your wood carving tool of choice to trace around your design. This will give you an outline to follow as you begin to shape you wood relief carving.

Wood Carving With a ...
The finished plaque after the wood carving was done the the finish applied.


Relief wood carving with a pneumatic or Dremmel rotary tool is really pretty easy. A little practice is required for shaping with the wood carving tools you choose to use, but it can basically be done by anyone with the skill to trace a printed design. Please watch my video if you are interested in relief wood carving and if you are interested in seeing the rest of the wood carving with air process, the remaining 4 parts of Wood Carving With a Pneumatic Engraver are available. Just click here and go to my YouTube channel, Donald Vlogsify's Wood Shop. Please subscribe while you're there!




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