How to Make a Dovetail Pen pt 1 Dovetailing the Pen Blank

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Published on Apr 3, 2016

Have you ever thought about doing strange and odd things? Like putting a hand cut dovetail into a pen blank? Well a few weeks ago some folks in one of my woodworking groups were talking about how bad pine was to work with and cracking some jokes about putting dovetails in pine wood. Well my opinion of it is that not all of us have access to fine hard woods nor the money to afford such things as purple heart, cherry, and hickory. At least not enough to make furniture out of it. Should that prevent us from adding dovetails and other such joinery to what we do make? Seems to me if you can successfully pull off dovetail joints in pine or other cheaper woods, then you should be that much better at putting them in hardwood when the time arrives. You see pine makes dovetails a bit difficult because of it's softness. You can't continue to try and put them together and take them apart to fit them because the fibers will crush and cause gaps. So naturally, being who I am, my mouth, or in that case my fingers got the better of me and I said I'd dovetail pine, I'd dovetail Styrofoam.. I'd dovetail a pen! And I did. Folks liked it and asked me to do a video on how I did it. I decided to once again go the extra 10 miles and do 2, one on how I put the dovetail joint in the pen blank, and part 2 will be me actually turning and finishing the pen. I hope you enjoy it.

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