How to Modify A Woodworking Chisel

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If you do woodworking long enough you’re going to find a need to modify your tools to a specific need for a specific project. How do you think so many style of hand planes and chisels were developed over so many centuries? No big tool companies weren’t spending millions to develop tools and come up with odd ball designs. It was a carpenter who decided to make his life easier by making a tool to fit his need.

You can go online and spend hours browsing woodworking websites. There’s hundreds of different chisels for woodworking. Skewed, fishtail, and low profile for dovetailing… the choices are endless. If you have and are willing to spend the money you can find a chisel to suit you in every woodworking need. However you can spend a small fortune getting every tool you need.

Then there is the wait for it to get shipped to you and in your hands so you can complete your work. As well as the added cost of shipping. The big box stores just don’t carry a large selection of sizes and specialty chisels. And the specialty woodworking stores are often not located close enough for us to justify a trip for one or two tools.

So here I’m going to show you how I take some of the cheap box store chisels and modify them to fit the size and style of work I need it for. I take this chisel and grind it down to the size I need and then reduce it’s profile so the chisel doesn’t damage the piece I’m working on.

Everything I do is in the video below. So if you ever want a chisel for woodworking but don’t want to spend to money or wait for it to get here, everything you need to know is in the video below. And check out my Youtube channel and subscribe for more woodworking videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBIEZrZSZT8Ajw0COy0NwJA

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